Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lemon-Pecan Butter Cookies

Lemon-pecan butter cookies

I styled these cookies a while back, and I'll have you know that they are irresistable. Many times, we pawn off the results of styling or recipe testing on unsuspecting neighbors or friends like Suzan and Bryan. Other times, the temptation to scarf down the entire batch before the goodies even have a chance of being transported is far too great. This was one of those times, and I am sad to say that after popping 6 in my mouth while shooting the photo, I promptly dumped the rest into the trash. Willpower has never been my forte. The cakey treats remind me of my grandmother's pecan crescents, but they aren't as cloyingly sweet - probably due to the addition of lemon. The best part is that they are surprisingly simple -- a great project to get husbands and kids into the kitchen! (Although, in many of my friends' homes, it is the women who need the call of an easy recipe to invite them into a room of the house rarely entered!) Click on the link to view the recipe in full.

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