Monday, January 18, 2010

I Can't Wait for Shavasana

For years, friends have urged me to take up yoga, but terrible work schedules meant that I could never make it to a class. I might not always be thrilled with my current job, but there are a few perks. One of them is that I have been able to regularly attend Candlelit Yoga on Monday nights with MeiMei Fox at Aha Yoga Studio in Cow Hollow. (Thanks, P, I never would have gone without you!)

The health benefits of developing a yoga practice are extensive. In addition to the obvious muscle strength and weight loss, yoga relaxes the mind, lowers stress, lowers anxiety, and aids with depression. Many times, I leave class feeling like I am on top of the world -- a kind of self-love that I can't get anywhere else. Particularly important for those at risk of developing type 2 diabetes (or living with it), some claim that yoga increases circulation and lowers blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood glucose levels -- all while boosting your body's metabolism and immunity.

Perhaps you are intimidated by the idea. I know I was. Find a friend to go with you. Indeed the best part about yoga (and candlelit, in particular) is that nobody's looking -- honestly. The mental practice of yoga makes it so that each student is purely focused on themselves and their own experience. It amazing, really. If you still need more convincing, check out this site and this one for more reasons to start today!

Pictured above is someone who has not only been an amazing friend for the past 10 years but is also a very dedicated yogi. In this photo, she is pictured with Bikram Choudhury, a very famous yoga guru who developed his own self-titled style of yoga. Thanks, T, for the friendship and the inspiration.


  1. Your article is beautiful. You inspire me every day. You are such a strong woman carving your own path through life on your own terms. I'm so glad you found yoga along that path because I know how helpful it is to crazy Type A's like us :) Thank you for being an amazing friend. Love you!!!

  2. I've actually been witness to the health benefits of Bikram yoga with the students I've had and now as a full-on student myself. I've met women who battled high blood pressure almost their entire lives who, after a regular practice, managed to lower their BP and whose doctors are just as amazed at the results are they are.

    Regardless of which style, this age-old practice has shown positive results for mental and physical health and it's awesome that you've found a style you love.

    Keep us posted! Oh hey have you read last month's O magazine? A girl who did a 30-day Bikram challenge in Memphis chronicled her experience. It's pretty funny and very inspiring.

    Oh and, and, since you're in SF, check out Funky Door Yoga. They teach Bikram, if you're ever so inclined.