Wednesday, January 6, 2010

One More Step in Controlling the Processes

As most of you know (Suzan!), I have a serious -- read grave -- sparkling water obsession. For a long time, I have sought a way to reduce my carbon footprint and still feed my addiction. A while back, I read an article by Marian Burros in the NY Times discussing the merits of home carbonation systems. While I was truly interested in bringing home a unit of my own, I felt strapped by a budget that is quite possibly worse than that of my new home state of CA. But, as I sit here tonight sucking down yet another can of Safeway seltzer, I realize that the time has come to tackle this problem. Enter Sodastream's Fountain Jet. I bit the bullet and ordered one, knowing that I can buy and maybe even exchange the carbonating cartriges at Rainbow Grocery (our favorite worker-owned purveyor -- more on them later!). A toast to making a difference for the environment and limiting the processes we allow giant factories to complete!


  1. julia would be very proud! beautiful, i wish i could be there to celebrate with you! not the anniversary, the new diploma soon to arrive!

  2. thanks, mom! and thanks for celebrating the diploma - not the anniversary ;)