Friday, January 15, 2010

The Pressure's On

In a nut shell, this blog is about being healthier. I have mentioned previously that heart health is particularly important for women (and men) with PCOS and/or diabetes. It is my hope that following the guidelines that we have implemented for 2010 will maintain or improve my heart's health (and yours, too!). In an effort to support this theory, I will periodically post results from lab work or meetings with my doctors.

Yesterday, at a routine appointment, I was told that my blood pressure was 115/65. "Perfect," she said. To put that into perspective, readings that are above 90/60 and below 120/80 are condsidered normal or healthy. So, good for me!

In the next few weeks, I am supposed to have blood work done showing lipid and cholesterol levels, thyroid hormone levels, and blood sugar. I will keep you posted.

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