Thursday, June 17, 2010

Eat More Pie

In the interest of being prepared for my new endeavors, I picked up a banana cream pie from Mission Pie last night. Really, it was all about research and had nothing to do with the intense cravings that I have been experiencing since first laying eyes on one a few weeks back. I swear. The bottom line is that the pie is now gone, tucked safely into our bellies, and it was well worth the splurge. Take a look for yourself. Warning: Viewing these photos may result in a spontaneous airplane ticket purchase and subsequent trip to San Francisco. Sweet Karoline will not be held responsible for any charges incurred.


  1. so i guess its out of the question to ask you to bring one of these to chicago with you in september, right? so we will have to plan a visit instead, those look so gooooood!

  2. it is a total bummer that fresh pies do not ship and/or travel well. however, i guess that just means added incentive to visit me!